Executive Package

Executive Package


Includes the following: 1-page Executive Profile, Professional Resume, Cover Letter, and  LinkedIn Profile Guide.

Product Details:

1-Page Executive Profile: A high level overview of your executive skills within a 1-page summary. This profile is a networking tool to be distributed directly to contacts vs. submitting your resume online. Based on the industry, it may include graphs, tables, quotes, or photos to create an exciting synopsis of your professional background. The Executive Profile is completed after the Professional Resume is finalized.

Professional Resume: To begin the process you will provide 3-5 job postings that represent your target position and if available, your current resume. You will then be scheduled for a 45-minute discovery call to discuss your professional background and accomplishments. After this call, writing begins and your resume will be sent to you in Word and PDF within 3-5 business days. After reviewing your resume, you will be scheduled for a feedback session to discuss your resume and make any necessary adjustments prior to finalizing.

Cover Letter: Based on your preference, the cover letter can be designed for a specific job or a customizable template that you can update. You have the option to choose what will work best for you and this will be completed after the resume is finalized along with the LinkedIn Guide.

LinkedIn Profile Guide: After finalizing your resume, the LinkedIn Guide is created adjusting the resume content to a more personalized writing style using “I” and “My” statements. The guide navigates you through LinkedIn and provides the content for you to copy and paste right into your profile. After you make the updates, these will be reviewed to ensure accuracy.

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